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March 2014: One truck left for Rumania and two for Hungary.

February 2014: One truck left for Rumania and two for Hungary.

January 2014: Two truckfull of help material was sent to Hungary.

December 2013: Two trailers left for Rumania and Hungary with aid and Christmas parcels.

November 2013: Two trailers left for Hungary.

Oktober 2013: Vier vrachtauto's naar Roemeni� met meubels, kleding en andere hulpmiddelen.

Summer 2013: Four trucks went to Hungary and one to Rumania with furniture and clothing.

March-April 2013: Seven trailers to Hungary and Rumania.

February 2013: Four trailers left with cupboards, chairs, hospital beds, matraces and bedsheets to Hungary, and one to Romania with different aid articles. A short news on NT TV (in Romanian).

Mid January 2013: Two camions with medical materials and furnitrue to Hungary.

19 December 2012: One trailer with office furniture to Hungary.

14 December 2012: Two trailers will leave with christmas parcels for 12 projects in Romanie and Hungary

1 September 2012: A trailer left for Ukraine with school furniture, a donation from the Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar (the school of the Princesses of the Dutch Royal Family). 

4 August 2012: A trailer left for Majosh�za, Hungary with beds and other furniture for the Hospice.

From January to June 2012: 11 trailers were sent with a number of different aid material to 40 projects in Ukraine, Romania and Hungary.

28 March 2012: A bus full with help material (for schools and hospitals) has been shipped to DR Congo.

14 December 2011: Aid transport for the hospital in B�k�scsaba, Hungary.

10 December 2011: 2 trailers with almost 3000 Christmas parcels for 10 projects.

From September 2011 to December 2011: 14 trailers with aid were sent to 29 different projects in Hungary and Romania.

26 August 2011: A caravan of 8 trailers brought school furniture for three primary schools in �rd, Hungary. (News of �rd TV, in Hungarian)

24 June 2011: A trailer left with goods for several projects: beds, mattresses, wheelchairs and furniture for the Evangelical Nursing Home in B�k�scsaba and for the Talentom H�z in Tiszaf�red, furthermore a complete inventory for an orphanage in Tiszaf�red, all in Hungary. The rest of the trailer was filled with furniture for the Refomed Church in Zerind, Romania.

20 May 2011: A trailer with matrasses, beds and medical equipment left for Ukraine in cooperation with the Red Cross, Beregovo.

30 April 2011: Seven trailers left for Rumania with aid for 16 projects.

26 March 2011: A trailer with matrasses, wheelchairs, rolators and medical goods to Hungary for the Red Cross.

4 March 2011: A trailer to the Church in Tirgu Mures with cloths, cupboards, beds and other furniture and to the orphanage in Chrituru Secuies with school and office materials and matrasses.

11 February - 2 March 2011: Jannie en Hans Hoogeveen made a control trip to Hungary and Romanie.

14 January 2011: A trailer with matrasses, furniture, clothing and food left for the Red Cross, B�k�scsaba (Hungary) and the Reformed Church in Zerind (Romania).

10 december 2022: Trailer to Zerind, Halmeu, Christuru Secuies, Nuseni Sacele with clothing, beds, matrasses and about 3000 Christmas packages.

November 2010: The usual Christmas action is at full speed in the supermarkets and churches.

29 oktober 2010: A trailer left for the Etelk�z Foundation, Sfintu Gheorghe, Romania with wheel chairs, hospital beds, scootmobils, clothing and furniture.

22 oktober 2010: Departure of a trailer for the Red Cross in B�k�scsaba, Hungary and the Red Cross of Arad, Romania with beds, matrasses, furniture, clothing and medical goods.

17 oktober 2010: Humanitarian tansport the the Reformed Parish in  Sacuieni en Zerind, Romania with furniture, school materials, building materials, houshold articles, toys, beds, matrasses and clothes.

15 october 2022: Two trailers with humanitarian help lef for eight projects in Romania.

11 September 2023: A trailer with help to the Red Cross of Ukraine.

25 augustus 2010: Departure of a trailer to Tiszak�cske, Hungary.

20 augustus 2010: One trailer with help to Beclean, Romania.

6 augustus 2010: A trailer left for the old people's house and psychiaric hospital in Vojvodina, Serbia.

9 July 2023: A trailer left with help materal for the flood victims in Ukraine and Hungary in cooperation with the Red Cross B�k�scsaba, Hungary.

11-13 June 2010: 20 years anniversary of our Foundation (See the invitation; See the programme).

8 May 2023: We send again a large convoy of 8 x 20 t trailers to Hungary and Romania.

3 March 2023: Two trailers with aid for the Red Cross in Beregovo (Beregsz�sz) in Ukraine.

7 December 2009: Two trailers left Enschede with Christmas parcels, which were distributed for 13 projects in Romania.

Oktober-November 2009: Christmas actions started with the help of many volunteers in 7 churches and supermarkets in Enschede and Haaksbergen. From the results, 2400 parcels were made for the benficiaries, including children.

21 September 2009: An invitation arrived to Karmel from the Ambassador of Hungary for a decoration ceremony: the President of Hungary, Dr. L�szl� S�lyom decorated our Chairman,  J.A. Hoogeveen with the Golden Cross of Merit for the achievements of the Karmel International Foundation. (Read more in Dutch...)

15 September, 2009: Two Hungarian trailers with school furniture to Debrecen and Budapest, Hungary.

31 August, 2009: Aid transport for the Red Cross in B�k�scsaba, Hungary.

19 July, 2009: Hungarian trailer to Kiskunlach�za with aid material.

3 June, 2009: Meetings with the President of Bistrica Province about the construction of a new Alzheimer hospital.

29 May, 2009: 7 trucks left Enschede for 15 projects in Romania, including  old peoples homes, hospitals, schools, etc.

20 March, 2009: A truck was sent to the Red Cross of Ukraine (to Bergovo) with hospital material

27 February, 2009: Karmel on the hungarian TV "MTV-Panor�ma" (6'13")

10 February, 2009: A truck left with first aid to Hungary and furniture for the Theology Institute in Cluj, Rumania

23 Januari 2009: A truck left Enschede with goods for the children's hospital in Bukarest, Rumania

19 January, 2009: Karmel International on TV-Oost in "Willie's Wereld" (in Dutch, at 38'00"): Click here or here.

18 October, 2008: We started with the preparation for the Christmas Actions for the benefits of projects in Romania and Ukraine.

October 2008: On October 3, four trucks left for Romanie, then a week later one truck with school furniture to Hungary. On October 17 one more truck left with help to Romania.

10 September, 2008: Karmel is nominated for the Overijsselse Vrijwilligersprijs (Volunteer Prize of Overijssel), which will be announced on 26 September. (Twentse Courant Tubantia, in Dutch)

August, 2008: We are busy with preparing new transports to the flood victims in Romania and Ukraine.

18 August, 2008: We have sent two minibuses full with help material by ship to Congo.

July 2008: Two transports have been sent to Acatari, Romania in the framework of a new project.

3 May, 2008: Four trailers left Enschede for Romania and Hungary with donations for 12 projects, including a new one in Lipova, in cooperation with the Red Cross, Arad, Romania.

March 2008: our home site goes through a reformation. During this period, some errors may occur in the home site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

12 November 2007: Karmel International and Hans & Janny Hoogeveen were nomineerd for the Helping Dutch Award 2007 (Read more about Helping Dutch (in Dutch))

2 November 2007: Christmas action started in Enschede.

19 Juli 2007: The first transport to Congo. We bring dontations to hopeless women and children in Fashi. (Read more in Tubantia in Dutch)

28 april 2007: The Hoogeveens  became Knights of the Oranje Nassau Order. (Read more Tubantia1 (in Dutch) and Tubantia2)

29 November 2006:  Romanian government ratified the Alzheimer hospital project, Beclean (Press release in Romanian)


On 15 March, in the age of 77, the Chairman of Karmel International Romania, S�RPATAKI J�nos has passed away. Our foundation ows him for his diligent leadership in the demanding 15 years of building up the organization. He had unforgettable merits in faitfully supporting our projects all around Romania. We are thankful for all he did for us, and we feel with his wife and children in their mourning. We shall miss him.

1 Jan. 2006: Gedreven hulp aan een gespleten natie (Wholehearted help for a desintegrated nation, in Dutch) - Report about the projects of Karmel in Romania, in the daily 'De Twentsche Courant Tubantia'

24 Dec. 2005: Bruggerbosch helpt Roemeense patienten (Bruggerbosch helps Romanian patients, in Dutch) - Article in the daily 'De Twentsche Courant Tubantia'

8 Nov. 2005: College houdt hulpvraag Karmel tegen het licht (The Council evaluates the request for help of Karmel, in Dutch) - Article in the daily 'De Twentsche Courant Tubantia'

5 Nov. 2005: Helpers in financiele nood (Helpers in financial need, in Dutch) - Article in the daily 'De Twentsche Courant Tubantia'

16 Jul. 2005: Visit of romanian delegation to health-center in Enschede, press release (in dutch)

14-18 Feb. 2005: Several newspapers write about the visitof a Romenian delegation that will visit Enschede on the invitation of Karmel International (in Dutch): Huis aan Huis, 16-02-2023; Tubantia, 18-02-2023; Twente Vandaag, 18-02-2023

25 Jan. 2005: The first see container for Sri Lanka (In Dutch).

14 Jan. 2005: Karmel helps tsunami victims in Sri-Lanka.

6 Jan. 2005: Gymnastics apparatus for school in Sacuieni (Bihari Napl�, in Hungarian)

25 Jun. 2004: Pro Urbe Tirgu Mures distinction for Hans and Janny Hoogeveen in Romanie (part 1 and part 2; in Romanian)

23 Oct. 2003:  

24 Oct. 2003: Karmel wil compleet azc kopen (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

26 May. 2003: Karmel verbijsterd (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

21 May. 2003: FC Twente: nu jullie!! (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

14 Mei. 2003: Noodhulp verkeert in zwaar weer (Huis aan Huis Enschede)

9 Mei. 2003: Hulporganisatie Karmel zelf in nood (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

10 Dec. 2002: Veel voedselpakketten voor armen Roemeni� (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

23 Sep. 2002: Inzameling klein huisraad voor Tsjechi� (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

23 Sep. 2002: Hulp tegen de stroom in (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

22 Aug. 2002: Twentse steun na watersnood (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

20 Aug. 2002: Inzameling Karmel voor slachtoffers watersnoodramp (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

19 Jul. 2002: Karmel: hulpactie voor Nederlanders in Argentini� (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

16 Apr. 2002: Karmel op zoek naar goed onderhouden brug (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

15 Jan. 2002: Karmel blij met vertrek uit Losser (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

14 Jan. 2002: Karmel blij met terugkeer Enschede (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

17 Dec. 2001: Stichting Karmel keert terug naar Enschede (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

10 Sep. 2001: 'Surpriseshow' voor totaal berooide Enschedese familie (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

18 Mei. 2001: Zes trailers met hulpgoederen van Losser naar Roemeni� (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

28 Feb. 2001: Hulde aan vrijwilligers (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

02 Feb. 2001: Geloof vormt basis voor hulp aan Oost Europa (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

08 dec 2000: Karmel verhuist definitief naar Losser (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

08 dec 2000: 'Rampvrijwilligers geen winnaars of verliezers' (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

07 dec 2000: Stichting Karmel verhuist naar Losser (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

17 aug 2000: Dieven steken Enschedese hal hulpgoederen `per ongeluk` in brand (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

12 nov 1999: College buigt zich over affaire Karmel (De Twentsche Courant Tubantia)

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